Замки RV6

Данные о товарах




Толщина ленты

  6 - 12 mm
(4/16" - 8/16")

Мин.Ø вала

  230 mm

Макс. прочность ленты

  1,050 N/mm

Макс. натяжение ленты

  105 N/mm
(600 PIW)


  High tensile plated steel (HLE) with pre-mounted staples made of carbon steel HLE

Соединительный штырь

  Ø 7.0 mm
    Bare stainless steel armored cable or polyamide covered armored cable or polyamide covered galvanized steel cable.

Пункты закрепления


248 pcs / m

Staples made of galvanized carbon steel.



  By using the specific hammer installation tool, that allows continuous lacing on wider belts.


  The fasteners are delivered in boxes containing 2 strips with or without hinge cable,
in up to 1,600 mm length. Longer fasteners upon request.


  Proven fasteners for underground coal mining.